Draft Beer System

A countertop beer dispenser that gives you immediate access to any craft beer your little heart desires.

A Denver-based (by way of St. Louis) startup that took the concept of the growler and threw it right out the window. They replaced that old jug with a brand-spankin’ new patented draft-nozzle adapter & sealed medical-grade bag that fits neatly into their counter top beer dispenser; giving you access to your favorite ice-cold craft beer right when you want it.

Out with the old

The original Synek website served its purpose for the infancy stage of their Kickstarter campaign. It gave backers a place to learn a little more about the product before deciding whether or not to tell them to “shut up and take all my money”.

But, when we were brought in… we knew that more was needed; especially after a successful crowd-funding campaign. At this stage, people are expecting a professional product and marketing strategy to begin scaling what started as a crazy idea into a legit brand with a tribe that follows you for “you”.

... in with the new stuff

Steve Young, the founder of Synek, was extremely inspired by Simon Sinek and his book “Start with Why” when creating the original product. So, that philosophy became the crux of our thought process in structuring the information flow for this one-page Pre-Order website for the fulfillment post-Kickstarter.

After meeting with the Synek team and understanding the immediate needs of the business, we began outlining the informational architecture with basic wire-framing for the site.

The main focus for this project was to drive “Pre-Order”s. But we couldn’t just say “order this”. We needed to start with “why” the customer needed Synek in their life instead of just buying a sixer at the local corner store or supermarket. Once we were able to make that point, the rest became a natural progression to the main call-to-action of ordering.

Done & done.

The Last Call.

Our main focus for the final website was to show the simplicity of gaining access to any beer on draft thru ownership of the Synek Draft System and its proprietary bag-and-connector technology. Less waste and a longer lifespan of your draft beer.

Secondly, showcasing the network of craft breweries that are already onboard with this idea, and are excited for what it offers them as brewers. Bottling is a gamble and apparently huge pain in the ass. Synek offers breweries the ability to focus on creating incredible beer and a wider accessibility for customers to take home any beer versus only beers that have been bottled.

Thirdly, just making the sale of delicious delicious beer in your home. Appealing to the appetite of the consumer. Carrying the sweating glass texture throughout the site appeals to that thirst on a secondary level while the user learns more about the system. The final call-to-action: Pre-Order!

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