By looking at their work, you would think the word "Nistenhaus" was German for "fancy AF". But it's not. It's actually "nest" and "house" combined. Who knew?!

Owners and partners, Michael Wyrock & Justin Maine, created Nistenhaus to answer the age-old interior design quandry: “how can we provide meaningful design at the level of service that is unique to each client?”

Their bespoke approach to each client, and even more so, each client’s project wasn’t coming thru within their own branding. Their sophisticated style and design aesthetic was lost in communication when clients interacted with the brand.

In 2017, they approached me to tackle both a brand overhaul and a new website to bring this identity more inline with themselves and the personality that is their business.

The Internet Presence

Showcasing their work was the main priority. So, it only made since to make these project photos the main (and only) focus on the homepage of the new website. That way, potential clients are immediately inundated with the beautiful imagery of their work and hopefully causing them to dive deeper and see more. Then, after they visit the About page to learn more about the team and their background… they can contact the crew at Nistenhaus and that sales cycle can start all over with the next visitor.

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