The issue is no longer about finding what you lost. It’s about never losing it again.

Utilizing RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology, Marco becomes your close-range radar system for everything that can fit into your bag.

Creating a network between the Marco Hub, the app on your mobile device and every tagged item in your bag, Marco creates & runs a virtual checklist for your daily essentials; constantly tallying them in the background & ONLY alerting you when something is left behind.

Far gone are the days of turning around when you’re already halfway there just because forgot [insert perpetually lost item here].

Video by Dan Mirth and Matt Carpenter of Collection of Elements

Design Inspo

Throughout the entire project, the client & myself kept referencing the RFID tag as a “jewel”. So naturally, as a child of the 80’s, immediately my mind went to The Legend of Zelda.

I began variations of a jewel design strongly influenced from my childhood video game days. First, short & fat jewel designs. Then it graduated to a taller, skinnier versioning. Then I saw it… the perfect spot to fit an “M”!

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